Sunday, October 21, 2007

New Web Endeavor:

I'm always trying new stuff and here's my latest. (mandatory key phrase link: Blog Advertising) is a FREE blogger/advertising matching service like PayPerPost, Smorty or Blogsvertise, but without any fee.

It's for:
-Bloggers who want to earn extra income with their blogs
-Advertisers interested in purchasing blog posts or links

How it works for bloggers
1. Register
2. Add your blog(s) (Title, URL, Description, Tags)
3. Respond to advertiser looking to buy posts or links
4. Earn extra income by selling posts or links

How it works for advertisers
1. Register
2. Browse or search to find blogs you want to advertise on
3. Click 'Contact' to contact the blog owner
4. Get traffic and generate 'buzz' with blog posts and links

Bloggertizer cuts out the middle man and leaves the deals up to the blogger and advertiser to work out.

(another mandatory key phrase link: Advertise on blogs)

Browse Blogs by tag, date added, blog name, blog owner, or TradeRating
Search Blogs by keyword(s)
View TradeRating
View live stats for each blog with a single click (PageRank, Alexa Rank, Pages and Backlinks for Google, Yahoo and MSN)
Message Center (only share your email if you want to)
Hide blogs, users or tags
Save Blogs and create
TradeRating to keep users honest

So if you're looking for an effective advertising option, you can Hire bloggers to write for you.

If you're a blogger or an advertiser, you ought to check it out!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Handy-Dandy Full Text Index Stored Procedures

One of the host I use has SQL Server 2000 databases, but the Full Text Index management features through Enterprise Manager are disabled, so I have to do all my Full Text Index stuff through Query Analyzer.

Here are the stored procedures you can use to create, add tables too, and populate the index.

Handy-dany system stored procedures for setting up a full text index on SQL Server 2000:

Enable full text indexing on the database:
EXEC sp_fulltext_database  'enable'
Create a full text catalog
EXEC sp_fulltext_catalog   'FullTextCatalogName','create'
Enable full text index on a table
EXEC sp_fulltext_table 'TableName', 'create', 'FullTextCatalogName', 'PK_TableName'
Add a column to the Full Text Catalog
EXEC sp_fulltext_column    'TableName', 'ColumnName', 'add'
Activate the index
EXEC sp_fulltext_table     'TableName','activate'
Start full population
EXEC sp_fulltext_catalog   'FullTextCatalogName', 'start_full'
Set Change tracking with the Background option
EXEC sp_fulltext_table 'TableName', 'Start_change_tracking'
EXEC sp_fulltext_table 'TableName', 'Start_background_updateindex'
Note: Change tracking does not track any WRITETEXT or UPDATETEXT operations.