Monday, October 29, 2012

Free Computer Games

Roleplaying games:
Online Multiplayer and MMO's:
Platformers and metroidvanias:

Friday, October 26, 2012

Must Have Free Computer Software

Here's the good free stuff (may want to look into F.lux as well):
The following can all be downloaded using Ninite - an easy downloading software that will download and update programs for you:
The free antivirus war popped up again. Basically, all of their success rates are very close together. Right now, I'm using avast! instead of avira. Honestly, as long as you don't go for something weird, any of the free AV programs will work.

Here are some more good ones:
  • CDBurnerXP - if you still burn CDs or DVDs, this is probably the best free option.
  • Inkscape - as close to Illustrator as you're going to get for free.
  • Paint.Net - GIMP pissing you off? Try this.
  • FileZilla - if you're using FTP at all, you want this.
  • wget - if you're comfortable with the command line, this is one of your best friends for downloading stuff.
  • Calibre Got a few ebooks? You probably want this.
  • HandBrake For all your DVD ripping needs.
  • Rootkit Revealer detecting them rootkits.

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Good Single Player PC RPG Games

Some are new, some are old. All are good and/or great. I will leave it up to you to choose which ones you are willing to try.

NOTE: Placement does not indicate which one is better/worse, just the general time period the game is set in, when I remembered the game name and wrote it.

Set in some futuristic world
Set in some post-apocalyptic world
Set in the modern world
Set in some pre-modern world, after the invention of guns.
Set in some pre-modern world, before the invention of guns.
Have fun!