Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Retro Sneakers

Do you remember these?

Black Chuck Taylor Tennis Shoes

My daughter bought me some for Father's Day. We'd recently purchased her a pair of custom Chuck Taylor's for her birthday (xtra-high); we'd gone online and designed them ourselves (www.Converse.com, click on the 'pencil' icon on the navigation compass). They took about 3 weeks to arrive.

When she asked for a Father's Day gift suggestion, I mentioned a pair of black high-top Chuck Taylors. With my wife's kind assistance, they were easily aquired (size 10). I opened the gift on Father's Day.

This weekend I wore them on the family outing to the YMCA. As we hiked across the parking lot towards the car, hearing the screams of the children still playing in the pool, we passed over a bit of sand. I looked back and saw my footprints, the distinctive diamond shapes from the soles of my Chucks. I was reminded of long summer days and grass stains, the smell of pine. I remembered how the fronts of the shoes would get worn smooth, the crisp white rubber fading to a washed-out gray. I would draw deisgns on the rubber, black pen usually, peace signs being in vogue at the time. Others would write the names of their favorite bands - Kiss, Rush, Led Zepplin, Supertramp....

For a the barest flicker of time I was 12 again, a new pair of sneakers on my feet, the summer wind warm on my face and my friends yelling at my side. Running so fast I didn't feel my feet touch the earth, the wind whipping my hair, watering my eyes, my breath burning in the back of my throat. For that smallest moment of time, I was there.....

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Anonymous said...

A very nice story an live I think. At the moment I build my memory with Chucks. I hope I get such a nice present on Fathers Day too.