Monday, July 02, 2007

Windows Vista... Just Say No

As I previously mentioned, my wife's new computer arrived last Sunday, preinstalled with Windows Vista Home Premium. You can read about my experience (at least with Outlook) trying to get it set up. Seems my inital optimism at getting Outlook to work was misplaced, as Outlook wouldn't download any of her Hotmail (yes I used the Outlook Connector) and neither would Windows Live Mail beta.

Back into the breach this past weekend, this time a format and install. Twice. The result? Some sort of sync error whenever I try to download from her Hotmail account. So Hotmail no workee. Only way to check it was to go to the Hotmail site. That was late Saturday night. I fired off a scathing email to MS Support and went to bed.

So what did I do? Well, after spending Sunday playing with my son at the pool and on Playstation, I did what I said I should have done in the first place. Sunday evening, I did a quick format, popped in Windows XP, and two hours later had EVERYTHING up and running without any issues whatsoever. She's back on Outlook Express 6 (which is what she liked anyway), Office standard is installed, and all her messages, files and docs copied over from the old machine, which now does duty as a file server for backups.

So let's sum up last week's adventure:

Windows Vista Home Premium
Est. total time: 30-35 hours
End result: failure

Windows XP Pro
Est total time: 2 hours
End Result: success

Let's hope this new computer lasts as long as the old one.

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