Thursday, March 26, 2009

RetroWebDev Blog Update & Social Bookmarking Tool

With my intent to chart my progress through the Sargasso Sea of .Net development, I decided to update my blog with the new templates/features now offered by Blogger. I'm now taking advantage of the hand-dandy gadgets that are so easily installed, and have integrated the AdSense ads between the posts. (Not that anyone ever clicked on the old AdSense ads, but hope springs eternal.)

One of the things I wanted, and operating under the delusion that people might actually find certain posts here interesting and want to share, was an easy way for visitors to do the social bookmark submission thing.

A quick search took me to AddThis, where I quickly and easily got hold of the handy bookmark button now seen below all posts. You do have to register to get the tool, but heck, I'm registered on a gajillion sites already anyway. What's one more?

So welcome to RetroWebDev's slight new look.

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