Thursday, May 07, 2009

Installing Visual Web Developer 2008

I haven't been doing much as far as advancing along the .Net development path. Procrastinating I guess. My cellmate at work suggested I go ahead and install the most recent version (2008) rather than the 2005 I already had, so I could use the 3.5 framework, since he said it had some "cool stuff". I figured why not? It's not as though I'd really started doing anything anyway.

So I downloaded the whole deal from the ASP.Net site and launched it. Three days of intermittent tinkering later, I finally had it installed. And Microsoft wonders why it has pretty much lost the hobbyist programmer....

The problem occurred right out of the gate. The install program hung on trying to set up the 3.5 framework, which was the second step of the install process. I tried all the standard solutions: uninstalling all the existing frameworks, reinstalling, even downloading the 3.5 framework separately and trying to get it set up that way. I thought maybe it just needed a long time to finish, so I let it sit overnight. Nope. It wouldn't install and, as a result, VWD 2008 wouldn't either.

As a last ditch effort, I tried Windows Update. I should have tried that first because it worked. The next time I ran the VWD 2008 install program, it went right over the 3.5 framework install with a green check mark and proceeded on.

I went through some similar contortions trying to get SQL Server 2008 Express and it's associated Management Studio installed, but I overcame that as well.

So now I've got Visual Web Developer 2008 on my machine. All that's left is learning to use it!

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