Thursday, January 21, 2010 Review

I've entered 2010 with a new-found determination to make some extra dough on the net, hence my post about doing sites site again (get yours starting at only $300!).

Part of the plan is to make some money building keyword optimized content sites and populate them with AdSense.

Of course the key to content is to actually have content. Rather than try to crank out 300 words or so on stuff I know nothing about, I've been using a content for hire service that , so far, I'm pleased as punch with. is pretty nifty. Sign up, add fund through PayPal, and commission articles. You add an order, specify the the title and what you want it to be about, and choose a quality rating . The higher the rating you choose, the more the article costs, with the choices being from 2 stars to 5 stars.

To put it into perspective, I ask for article from 250 - 300 words and they've been running my right around $5. I've only rejected one article out of the dozen or so I've commissioned.

I tried a couple of others (more about them later) but is the best by a ling shot so far.

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