Friday, April 27, 2012

Bragging a Bit

I do a bit of Adsense and affiliate marketing tinkering on the side and wanted to brag a bit about a site where I just started selling exercise ropes.

I started as a blog built around the low competition keyword "heavy rope". I did all the posts myself instead of hiring someone like you so often read. The blog was getting good traffic, about 100 visitors a day, so I put Adsense on it. Well, I guess heavy rope exercisers aren't interested in clicking on Adsense ads.

So I searched and found a company that drop ships exercise ropes.

I got an account with e-junkie, and I already had PayPal. It took me about a day to get all the products loaded into the e-junkie shopping cart and to build the store pages on the site.

It's been up and running abotu 6 weeks now and I've got 31 sales! Averaging about 5 a week.

I don't make much, an average $10 a sale, but it's much more than I was making with Adsense.

I'd tried drop ship before and it didn't work because the suppliers took too damn long to ship. But the rope company gets stuff out within 3 days, sometimes even same day if I get my order in before noon. It's working so well I'm looking into opening up another store. Already approved - just waiting for the CD with product images to arrive!

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