Thursday, April 26, 2012

Healthcare Debate

Old news, I know, but I still get into it every now and then with a co-worker who "doesn't want to pay for health care for other people".

Listen, the reason people come together and form communities is so we can take care of each other. But the United States seems to be perpetuating this ideal of the Rugged Individual, with the definition of such being What's Mine is Mine, Go Get Your Own, and No I Ain't Helping.

This is at odds with what we often see occurring after a tradgedy. People in the US are very generous. We, as a society, donate money and time very generously to help the less fortunate. So it's confusing to me why everyone gets their Pampers in a bunch as soon as our government starts talking about making healthcare affordable and available to everyone.

All I want is this: to not have to be a corporate slave in order to have access to AFFORDABLE health coverage. Somehow, somewhere, corporations must have been involved in this. If I decided to try to start my own business, I couldn't afford helathcare for myself or my family, and I think that's a bunch of crap.

It's as though healthcare in the US was specifically designed to keep us slaving away for our corporate masters. You want affordable healthcare in the US? Get a job with a company that offers it.

I'm no genius and I have no idea what the solution is. But I do think health care and employment need to be disconnected.

And to the guy who was bitching this monring about "not wanting to pay any more taxes to support Obamacare" think on this dumbass: You work for the same company I do, you have a family, so I happen to know you're already paying a $400 a month "tax" for your health care every month, adn that's not even including the $4000 a year deductable before you even get the 80/20 coverage.

Most of us are already paying a health care "tax", the only difference being that it's going into the pockets of the health insurance companies and not to the government.

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