Wednesday, August 23, 2006

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Add Widget to Header | Add Widget to Post in Blogger
Send Email using ASP from a Web Form in GoDaddy
RetroWebDev's No Joke Guide to Making Money on the Internet - Part 1: Introduction
Turn Off Comment Section in WordPress Pages
Taking the eCommerce Plunge
Operation must use an updateable query
Installing Visual Web Developer 2008
Showing the Date and Time in .Net
Visual Web Developer 2005 and ASPNETDB.DBF
RetroWebDev Blog Update & Social Bookmarking Tool
The Inevitable Move to .Net
Kittens Born
LinkSys Routers, PASV FTP, adn Directory Listing Problems
LinkRotatr - Show Random Links on your Site
The Development Lab
Customers Don't Care
War on Drugs
Cool T-Shirts
JavaScript - Close Window and Refresh Parent
JavaScript Open New Window
New Stuff
Update After Long Time, No Post
Life Code
RetroWebDev Update
GoDaddy Coupon Codes and Updates
Make a DIV Transparent
Selecting by Date in SQL Server
New Web Endeavor:
Handy-Dandy Full Text Index Stored Procedures
How to be Successful in Business and Life
Welcome to the Dev Shop
Muay Thai Developer
So we're using Agile Development, right?
My Newest Web Site: Tizags, a Social Bookmarking site
How You Know When You're Dealing with Technically Ignorant People
How to Position a DIV at the Bottom of the Page
How to Stop a Framebreaker Script
I Got the Monday Working Song Blues, Vol. 4
Retro Sneakers
I Got the Monday Working Song Blues, Vol. 3
SQL Server 2000 - Get Most Recent Record ID
ASP "Save As" Dialog
I Got the Monday Working Song Blues, Vol. 2
Control your tard!
Generate a Random Letter in ASP
I Got the Monday Working Song Blues, Vol. 1
More on Microsoft and Web Development
AddCaption Update
Microsoft and Web Development: In Decline and Staying that Way
Add Text to Image
Rename a SQL Server Database
Changing Table Owner in SQL Server
Money Making on the Web - Affiliate Marketing
Some of My Sites
Form Field Focus On Page Load
Free Online Keyword Research Tools
Geek Babe Monday - Jessica Alba
Counting Active Users in ASP
Errors When Trying to do Response.Redirect
Geek Babe Monday - Erin Gray
Using ASP to put the Current Date on a Page
Internet FTP - Web Based FTP Clients
How to Filter out Bad Bots in ASP with Global.asa
The Importance of Fast Loading Web Pages
Geek Babe Monday - Jolene Blalock
Changing the Way Links Look
How to Hide Email Addresses from Spammers
Geek Babe Monday - Alexa Davalos
ASP Database Connection Strings: Access and SQL Server
Sending Email in ASP Using CDONTS
Using LCase and UCase in ASP
Server.Transfer versus Response.Redirect in ASP
Geek Babe Monday - Xenia Seeberg
Improving ASP Performance Tip #1
Geek's Approach to working out Q&A
Passing Values out of a Subroutine in ASP
A Geek's Approach to Working Out
JavaScript Back Button or Link
Using the VBScript Replace() Function in ASP
Using Request.ServerVariables in ASP
Setting and Using Cookies in ASP
SQL: Select Distinct with Most Recent Date
Geek Babe Monday
Manipulating Strings in Classic ASP with Left, Mid, and Right
How to Send Email in ASP from Windows Server 2003
Black Hat SEO: How to get Inbound Links from Authority Sites
Removing SQL Server Full Text Noise Words from a Search String
Geek Babe Monday
ASP Function to Capitalize the First Letter of All Words in a Sentence
Archive Calendar for Blogger Blogs
ASP Includes Explained
SQL to get Records for Last 24 Hours using DateAdd
WWW Versus Non-WWW URLs: Dupe Content and Redirecting
Scraping Search Engines for Page Content
CSS Overflow Property
How to Strip out HTML with an ASP Reg Exp Function
How to Cloak Page Content from Seach Engine Spiders
Concatenating Dates in SQL
Scraping Page Content from a Remote Site in ASP
Generating a Random Number in ASP
SQL Server INSTR Equivalent
Returning the Length of an Text or nText Field
Retrieving a Random Record from a Database
SEO and the Title Tag
Alternating Row Colors
Hiding Page Content
Redirects in ASP
What is Affiliate Marketing?
Meet the Retro Web Dev Guy

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